Making Full Use Out of Your Work Wear

So many of my clients and friends ask me how they can make full use of every single item in their wardrobes, especially my working moms. They tend to purchase different sets of clothing, one for work and the other for casual wear. That can get expensive and can take up much unnecessary room in your closet.

I recently took a work trip to New York City and as I was walking around, jumping from one taxi to another or one subway train to another, I noticed so many women who were dressed professionally, yet comfortably stylish. I know the lifestyle is different in NYC; people typically work late hours and are rushing to events after work, so there is no time to go home and change. They have to make full use of their wardrobe.

These ladies are combining their most comfortable and cute walking shoes with their versatile business attire. Notice I said versatile. They are creating outfits you can wear to work, a nice dinner, brunch with friends or just for comfort walking around in the big city. What a fantastic way to be versatile and frugal with your style. Here are a few ideas for making full use of your work wear…the big city way.



A lot of blazers come with suits, but don’t tuck those blazers away on the weekend. Blazers add structure and style to any casual Jean. Pair with your favorite t-shirt for a more casual look, then add heels or boots of your choice and, of course, accessorize with your favorite handbag and jewelry. You now have a fun, casual outfit for the weekend or a night out with the girls or family.


I know it sounds like working an office bottom into a casual setting isn’t possible, but don’t shy away from switching those office skirts and suit pants to more casual attire. You can do this by simply pairing them with a blouse or even a t-shirt of your choice. Add a casual flat or your favorite heel, depending on what you might be doing on the weekend or weeknight.

Shift Dress

A simple shift dress is perfect for an easy work to weekend transition. Pair with your heels, blazer, and cardigan at work. For the weekend or weeknight, add your favorite accessories…a chunky necklace, sparkly, printed clutch or a skinny belt. You might even make it a little more casual with a light denim or leather jacket of your choice.


Make sure all of your articles of clothing are altered to fit your body. You need to be able to wear a heel with the length of your pants and skirt and still be able to pull off your favorite flat or sandal.


Clearly, accessories can change an outfit. My closet is probably packed with more accessories than clothes. Clutches, oversized bags, jewelry and scarves can really change up your style. Whether it’s casual or work wear.

And a plus to those oversized trendy handbags is that you can pack a few changeable items in them for after work events. Or you can even pack a pair of your favorite flats in case your feet are screaming for relief during the day. I love a big handbag and accessories!


Even though we are not hustling and bustling around a big city like NYC, we are all in the same fashion boat when it comes to making full use out of our wardrobes. Whether you are a big city or small town working gal it’s all about comfort and versatility. Enjoy these simple tips of styling that will get you through the workweek and weekend.

Guest Contributor