7 Ways to Do Well Shopping at Your Local Discount Stores

We all have our own unique ways of saving money, and being creative while doing so.  Whether it’s grocery shopping, car shopping, or shopping for your home decor there is no better thrill than finding the best deals by utilizing creative ways to find them. The same goes for shopping at your favorite clothing discount stores.

Finding ways to be creative with your style can allow you the freedom to be different. An added bonus is you will allow yourself to have several new items added to your wardrobe. Here are 7 tips to follow:


1- Go in with an open mind.

Don’t get overwhelmed when you walk into these stores.  Plan your day around browsing and shopping. Maybe take a friend (a friend is good to take for opinions) and grab a cup of coffee.  Make it fun and relaxing.


2- Be creative.

When you are shopping for any kind of bargain, being creative can allow you the freedom to expand your choices or outlook on what your are buying. Whether it’s how much you are buying or even the price point, there is nothing like finding a good bargain and being creative about the entire adventure.


3- Research your style.

I do this for all my clients and so should you. Researching your style online, in your favorite fashion magazines, or on fashion blog sites allows you to be more creative and confident with your choices.  Keep a journal of some sort with all of your fashion ideas.  This will allow you to walk into your favorite bargain stores with an idea in mind for your style without being overwhelmed.


4- Quality counts.

You can find items at great prices but be aware of the quality. Don’t buy items that are not made well unless they are certain trends, t-shirts or accessories you don’t mind wearing for only a certain amount of time. Just check items out before you purchase them. This goes for any store.


5- Save money by having your own look.

This is my favorite part! I have saved so much money on my style and the best part about it is….I don’t look like every other person out there. I have my own unique style. You can, too!


6- Consider non-seasonal styles.

You can find non-seasonal styles in these stores and this allows you to carry your items through to the next season. Then you only have to make small purchases to add to these styles throughout the year.


7- Fashion is art.

This might sound silly, but it’s so true. Fashion is like your own work of art. Think of your style like painting a canvas. When you walk into these store allow the colors, shapes, and styles to blend and flow with you and your personality. Treat your style and these stores like you would your favorite art piece. Treasure it and have fun being creative!


Remember, the one thing about shopping these stores is to enjoy your day along with all the purchases you find.  In return, you will have saved money and can now treat yourself and your loved one to a nice dinner in a fun new outfit. This is certainly a win-win for this southern bargain stylist.

Guest Contributor