Dressing Appropriate for Weddings

Most of us have been there or will be there at some point in our lives. You get the invitation in the mail saying you are invited to a wedding, but it’s been a long while since you attended an event like this and you struggle with what to wear, or if you even have anything to wear. Long gone are the days of us being in our 20s where we had several dresses hanging in our closets ready and waiting for the next wedding invitation to make it to our mailbox.
Since we are past the days of weekends full of weddings, we can enjoy attending the occasional wedding or two that comes our way every so often. I do love to dress up, but this can be stressful for some and fun for others.
Just so you know, I am as formal as you get when it comes to wedding attire. I believe you should dress according to the time and invitation formality. Maybe that’s the stylist in me, or the Southerner…probably both. 

 Either way, here are a few tips on how to dress the part for your next wedding invite.

1- “Black and White Tie”
These two are the most formal of all wedding dress codes. Now, these are not that common anymore, but you certainly need to understand, as a guest, what to wear.
You should wear a formal dress. Keep your dress in neutral colors – stay away from bright color tones. You might even find a dress with some detail. If you opt for something simple then try adding a clutch or accessories for a little added detail.

2- “Formal” or “Black Tie Optional”

Wear a long dress, cocktail dress, or even a dressier romper. Keep your colors neutral and classic… and accessorize.

3- “Beach” or “Outdoor”

Dress to impress, but also dress for the elements (sun, sand, scenery, and water). Anything you’d wear to a nice restaurant on a summer day is appropriate, including a summer sundress, Maxi dress, skirt or romper.  Still, try to keep it a little dressy.

4- “Semiformal” or “Dressy Casual”

Depending on the time of the event, you’ll want to dress somewhere between formal and casual. Wear darker, more formal hues for an evening wedding. Opt for light colors and fabrics for a daytime wedding. Good options are a cocktail dress, dressy skirt with a blouse, or a nice pants suit.


Dress nicely, no matter what. Even if the wedding is casual, you should dress nicely out of respect for the bride and groom. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are seldom appropriate, unless called for by the invitation. Wear a summer sundress, Maxi dress, skirt or pants with a nice blouse.

6- Accessories save time and money.

Another tip that I have in case you are in a major fashion slump is to find your little black dress hidden in your closet and change up the style with some accessories. For example, a new necklace, clutch, and a fun pair of heels. The same goes for all wedding attire…accessories can really change up a simple style. We can’t always go shopping, so just invest in small pieces and use what you have hanging in your closet. I promise, no one will ever know you wore that dress, skirt or suit when you incorporate these simple changes.
Whether you have been to several weddings in the last two years or if you are just getting started, enjoy yourself, your style and all that each wedding has in store.

Guest Contributor