Making Your Insecurities Your Securities

When it comes to styling clients, I am the proudest when they first call me. They have finally realized they want to make a small change which can make a big difference in their self-esteem.

We all have small changes to deal with in our lives. I remember when I was younger, I would never step out of the house without wearing makeup. I was so worried I might see the cute boy or the pretty friends and I wouldn’t dare want them to see me without makeup.  When you are young your insecurities seem to sky rocket. If I had known then that being confident in myself was going to get me a lot further than the makeup I was wearing, I think I could have floated through those dreaded teenage years a lot easier.

Fast forward to now, it’s so funny how life can change your perspective on yourself and others. Getting older, wiser, having a family, and some pretty awesome friends can really take any insecurity you have away. Especially those family members and friends who love you no matter what you do, what you look like or even where you come from.

I enjoy working with my clients probably just as much as they enjoy calling me. This allows me to guide them towards what I think, as women, most of us lack…confidence in ourselves. We all have our insecurities, and in order to gain that confidence needed, it takes making the most of our insecurities.


1- Remember, nobody or “body” is perfect. Make your insecurities a positive part of your styling experience. If you don’t like your legs, find pants, skirts, shoes, etc., that will allow you to love them and make them your best asset.


 2- Embrace your body from head to toe with your own style. Understanding your body shape, embracing all those areas that you may think are your worst assets, and knowing how to flatter them, will help you embrace your curves, or lack thereof, in some cases.


3- Define your personal style, and when you do, accept it! Feel confident that you always look absolutely marvelous.


4- Understand that it doesn’t matter your shape, size, hair color or skin color, it’s all about being confident in yourself.  The more confident you are with your own personal style the more confident you will appear in your clothing. That’s because you’ll intuitively choose pieces that complete you. I always tell my clients that their choice of clothes is more likely to be a reflection of who they are.


Now days, I certainly don’t mind walking past a mirror in the mornings and allowing myself to say, Ihave changed and I enjoy my change. I embrace it! Being a mom and being in my 30’s has brought a new perspective in my life, one that I wish I would’ve had as a teenager. God had a plan throughout those dreaded teen years when I lacked so much confidence. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my ups and downs as a woman and that’s okay. I embrace each flaw and insecurity as gift; this allows me to relate to each of you on the same level.


Remember, simply by allowing yourself to take that first step in whatever your insecurities may be, and embracing them, can be the most effective way of boosting that confidence you deserve.

Guest Contributor