Styling You and Your Baby Bump

Some of you know that I am expecting, and we are beyond thrilled in the Handey house! Recently, while looking on Pinterest for a few fashion pregnancy styles, I found cute ideas, but I was somewhat disappointed about all the tiny little models in those cute form-fitting maternity clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s awesome that some women can stay so fit and skinny during pregnancy. Call it good genes or good luck…not sure what to call it. Either way they look great!

I’m one that will probably gain weight in my stomach…of course, plus my rear and thighs. That’s pretty normal. And yes, I’m still working out, but it’s just not in my DNA and that’s okay. We all know the goal is to have a healthy baby and to show off that proud baby bump.

Let’s be real when it comes to pregnancy fashion, especially for all of us moms who aren’t going to be stick thin with a tummy. I want to share a few tips on fashion for not only our growing bellies, but possibly our growing back end, thighs, arms, and chest. Enjoy, as I break down the do’s of a fashion

forward pregnancy wardrobe.

Find comfort.

You can have great style, but allow yourself to be comfortable. No need to squeeze into those tight fitting clothes. And if you are expecting the second, third or fourth time around then we all know we are growing much quicker. Comfort is always the key when juggling other kiddos, wife duties, work,

and the like. Think comfort meets stylish.

Find a trend.

Find a trend that works for you. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t rock out the latest trends. My favorite trend while pregnant is the Boho look. This look seems to have a lot of give when it comes to loose-fitting, but stylish clothing. And the best part about Boho is that you can wear

it into the fall and winter with an extra little layer. Find what’s comfortable for your personal style when it comes to trends.


I have researched my pre and post pregnancy style. Although it’s been a little harder to find what fits my shape, it has allowed me to be a bit more creative with what I have in my wardrobe. You can be a little more open-minded when dressing your changing body. Take those ideas from Pinterest and

fashion magazines and use what you have hanging in your closet. We all have a few items that are made a bit bigger. Work with what you have until it’s time to shop for pre/post pregnancy pieces.


I absolutely love to layer. Layering is the perfect way of changing up your style and camouflaging those parts of your body that may be growing along with the tummy. Keep your layers light in the summer and heavy in the fall and winter.

Know how to style everything.

This is a great way to gain confidence and enjoy your pre and post pregnancy. Even if it’s just throwing on a little makeup and fixing up your hair. Add a pop of color in your nails, or maybe try a new lipstick.


Accessories go a long way. I know we all get to a point of not wanting to buy one more piece of maternity clothing until that baby is born. So purchase fun and trendy accessories to change up your style. This gives a small change without the stress of spending money and time on more clothes.

Enjoy your changing body.

I think once we embrace the changes our body will be going through in order to keep this little miracle healthy, then we can enjoy styling our bodies. Prepare yourself for the little extra weight before and after pregnancy. Most importantly focus on the health and well-being of the unborn child, while

looking and feeling good in the process.

Guest Contributor