Winter or Spring Clothes This Month? The Right Answer is… Both!

We are officially in the crazy months of…winter or spring? It’s really hard to tell when you have one week of glorious 65 degree temperatures and by the time you really start to enjoy warmer weather, the Today Show talks of a “winter freeze, storm or arctic something” headed our way.  Those winter words are not easy for us Southerners and it’s really hard on our fashion. So with that said, don’t pack up your winter wear just yet. Here are some tips on how to save money and transition both your winter and spring styles without the stress of going in and out of storage to grab what you thought you might not need until next year.


Keep scarves on hand. These can consist of spring or winter material. Scarves can change up your simple style, as well as give you plenty of warmth when needed. They are also easy to tuck away in your closet.

Long cardigans or light sweaters

I love both of these items for those complicated weather days. You can layer them with extra layers depending on how cold it is outside, and they are easy to shed if it warms up during the day.

One neutral jacket

I love a cream colored jacket or gray color tones, but if you prefer black that is fine, too. It’s okay to pack away the rest of your jackets/coats, just keep one that is a go-to color and easily accessible in your closet.

Casual gym attire

This can consist of jackets, long gym pants, gloves and tops. We can’t forget about those days we workout or are running around with the kids when winter pops up.

Add pops of color

This is simple, but can really transition your wardrobe throughout the season. It’s a great way to get over the winter blues, too.


We sometimes tuck away our closed toed shoes after winter. Well, don’t! Unless your shoe is a winter material keep those flats out all year long.


Keep a pair of boots on hand all year long, too. Since we live in the South, a fun pair of cowboy boots can be transitional and stylish throughout each season…even summer. I also love my brown ankle boots and will keep those out and wear them with dresses during the spring.

Your favorite jeans or jeggings

I love my jeans simply for this reason. I know I can pull them out and layer them in the cold winter months and then transition them into spring and summer with my warm weather style. The same goes for straight leg jeans, but put a little twist on it and roll the bottom of the pants up. Pair with your favorite summer shoe or heel for spring and summer. You can always find a pant that fits into your work wear, too. Look for a store that has easy transitional selections when it comes to pants.


Love my t-shirts! You can have fun with your style when it comes to simple tees. Wearing them with your favorite accessories or layers can change your style up when it comes to your seasonal wardrobe.  I probably have at least 10 different types of T-shirts that I wear all year long hanging in my closet.


Don’t fret over the constant change in the weather this time of year. Enjoy it, because we all know that our weather changes pretty quickly. Before we know it we’ll be shedding as many layers as we can just to stay cool during those hot summer months.

Guest Contributor