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Call 271.2882 or visit our location at 8151 Vaughn Rd. We have a whole section dedicated to special needs and learning disabilities. Please visit our store for individual supplement recommendations.

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Health Wise
277.9925, 5147 Atlanta Highway. Provides nutritional supplements for children and adults with ciliac disease, autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities. We offer a wide variety organic, egg free, gluten free food products for individuals with celiac disease and autism. Please visit

Lee Silsby, Compound Pharmacy
(800) 918.8831, Compounding Pharmacy focusing on children with Autism. Please visit

Our Kids
(877) 533.7457, 3216 Silsby Rd. Cleveland Hts., OH 44118 Our Kids was founded as the result of the joy Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy experiences in working with Autistic children. Our Kids focuses 100% of their product line exclusively on supplements for Autistic children and designing innovative, high quality products. Please visit us at

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