Pediatric Care

Professional Pediatrics  (Sponsored Ad)

271.5959, 4154 Carmichael Rd.
Dr. C Allen White, Dr. Robert L. Coggin,  Dr. David W. Drennen, Dr. Malissa K. Hoy, D.O.,  and Dr. Karen Doles
Provides physical, mental and social health care for infants, children, and adolescents.  We offer the following services: X-rays, Medical Laboratory, Surgical of minor lacerations, routine newborn immunizations, Health maintenance exams for older children and teenagers, Sports and camp physical exams, Pre-college exams and forms, Blue slips for school admission, In office Emergency Care on week nights, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, Pulmonary function testing, Hearing testing and tympanometry, Vision screening, Evaluation of Attention Deficit Disorder and Nebulizer treatments for asthma.


Alabama Neonatal Medicine PC
281.7523, 2019 Normandie Drive
Provide primary healthcare for infants.
Dr. Cynthia M. Bonner, MD, Dr. J.A. Newton, MD., and Dr. Lynn K. Whittington, M.D., Dr. Aaron R. Millage

All About Kids
277.5431, 2921 Zelda Rd.
Dr. Michael Doyle, M.D.; Dr. Nicole Sheffield, M.D
Diagnose and treat children for illnesses, injuries, conditions and developmental issues.

Carlile Pediatrics
78 Cambridge Court, Wetumpka
Provide complete and personal health care services for infants, children and adolescents.

East Montgomery Pediatrics
337 St. Lukes Drive, 356.1411
Dr. Elmer Roque
Provides primary healthcare for newborns to eighteen years of age.

Montgomery Pediatric Associates PA
260.9129, 420 Cotton Gin Road
John Sumners, M.D.,  James Rabon, M.D.,  Daria Anagnos, M.D.
Provide primary health care for infants, children and adolescents.

Partners in Pediatrics
272.1799, 8160 Seaton Place, Montgomery
136 E. Main Street, Prattville
Catherine Woods, M.D., Susan Brannon, M.D., Cheryl Outland, M.D.,
Lamenda Blakeney, M.D., Elizabeth Diebel, M.D., Rama Mukkamala, M.D., Melissa S. McNally, M.D.
Services offered: Sick and well care visits, pediatric and adolescent medicine, Vaccinations, “On-Call” service each night and on weekends for urgent medical matters, “Nurse line” service for minor illness and general well being, “Blue Slip” service and a prescription line.

Dr. Gillis Payne
244.7209, 7006 Fulton Court
Provide quality health care for sick visits, newborn care, well child visits, immunizations and more.

Pediatric Healthcare
273.9700, 4700 Woodmere Blvd.
Martin Glover, M.D., David Morrison, M.D.,
Den Trumbell, M.D.,  Jeffrey Simon, M.D.
Provide quality care for infants, children, adolescents and to assist parents in the endeavor of rearing their children to reach their optimal physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Pediatrics Twilight
213.1361, 7026 Sydney Curve
Norma Davis, MD, Developmental Pediatrician
We are an after-hours pediatric urgent care. Dr. Davis treats pediatric patients who have urgent illnesses or injuries and offers an alternative to long waiting periods at the emergency room.

Physician’s to Children
293.5033, 470 Taylor Rd., Suite 210
J. Robert Beshear, M.D., Cheryl Fekete, M.D.,
Alicia Hughes, M.D., Dina Winston-Doctson, M.D., Dr. Kendra Gillis Colvin, M.D. and Dr. Olivia Garcia, M.D.
Services provided: Infant, child and adolescent health care, Sick and well visits, Developmental problems and immunizations.

Prattville Pediatric Associates
361.7811, 645 McQueen Smith Rd. N, Prattville
John Sumners, M.D.,  James Rabon, M.D.,  Daria Anagnos, M.D., Nicole Percival, CRNP, Katie Jones, CRNP
Provide sick and well child visits, immunizations, child development, sports screenings and more.

Wetumpka Pediatric Clinic
815 Jackson Trace Rd., 567.2882
Provide neonatal care, care for newborn – adolescence, sick visits, child development, well visits, immunizations and more. Please visit us on Facebook under Wetumpka Pediatrics.

William E. Sumners, M.D.
288.8222, 2161 Normandie Drive
Quality health care for newborn, child and adolescent.  Sick and wellness visits, immunizations, child development, sport and camp screenings and more.


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