Prenatal Physicians

Latoya Clark, M.D.  (Sponsored Ad)

284.1500, 1758 Park Place, Suite 406
Specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Accepting new patients.


OB/GYN Associates of Montgomery PC  (Sponsored Ad)

279.9333 (for both locations)
495 Taylor Rd., Montgomery
630 McQueen Smith Road, Prattville
6992 Winton Blount Blvd., Nurse Midwife Location
Gregory Waller, M.D.; Allen Dupre, M.D.;  Keith Martin, M.D.;  Joseph Desautels, M.D.;  Mathew Phillips, M.D.; Benjamin Griggs, M.D.;  Natalie Needham, M.D.; Paula Sullivan, DO;  Michele Conner, M.D.; Robert Beaird, M.D.;  William Thomas, MD; Dent Williams, MD; Vicki Brooks, CNM; Melissa Hatter, CNM; Tracey Mendelsohn, CRNP; Michelle Aplin, CRNP,  Della Fuller, CRNP.
Specialize in Gynecology, Obstetrics, 4-D Ultrasound and High Risk/Low Risk pregnancy.


Central Alabama Ob/Gyn Associates PA 
265.3543 or 215.3400
2024 Chestnut Street, Montgomery and 440-B St. Lukes Dr., Montgomery
Roger S. Duggar, M.D.; Christopher R. Duggar, M.D.; Edward W. Reed, M.D.
Specialize in Gynecology & Obstetrics, Female Infertility and Surgery

Dent Williams, M.D.
7045 Sydney Curve
Specializes in Obstetrics, including 4-Dimensional Ultrasound Technology, Gynecology and Infertility.

Female and Maternity Care
288.3400 or 288.2100
2601 Woodley Park Drive
Henry Johnson, M.D. FACOG and Julian McIntyre, M.D
2601 Woodley Park Drive, Montgomery
Services offered: Gynecology & Obstetrics

Montgomery Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates
2173 Normandie Drive
Dr. Cheryl Zimmerman and Dr. Victor Pena
Offers services in Gynecology & Obstetrics

Montgomery Women’s Health Associates
470 Taylor Rd., Suite 300
Dr. Joe D. McClinton, M.D., James R. Dockery, Jr., M.D., Judi A. Jehle, M.D., Rebecca S. Miller, M.D., Gregory Philip Jones, DO, MPH, Katie Sanderson, CRNP
Routine prenatal care, High risk prenatal care including non-invasive prenatal testing, In-office ultrasound, In-office nonstress testing and biophysical testing, VBACs for patients who want to try and meet guidelines for trying, External cephalic version. Please visit our website at

The Montgomery Women’s Primary Care
8134 Seaton Place, Montgomery
Dr. Roosevelt McCorvey
Services offered: Gynecology & Obstetrics

Physicians for Women
290.4200 , 287 Mitylene Park Dr, Montgomery
491.4200, 635 McQueen Smith Rd., Prattville
Chip Garrard, M.D., FACOG; Byron P Lawhon, M.D., FACOG; Winston M Ashurst, M.D., FACOG; Al Newman III, M.D., FACOG; Dr. Jennifer J Logan; McCain Ashurst II, M.D., Martha Eskridge, CRNP
Gynecology & Obstetrics, Female Infertility and Surgery;

Glen Saucer, M.D. FACOG
1722 Pine Street, Suite 603
Services offer in Gynecology & Obstetrics

Whittington, Kouri and Gentry P.C.
1758 Park Place #201, Montgomery
Kim Whittington, M.D. FACOG, David Kouri, M.D. FACOG and  Jason Gentry, M.D. FACOG
Services offered: Gynecology & Obstetrics, Infertility and Low/High Risk

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