Kids Health: Cool Stuff for Babies

Christmas has just passed, but there are many unique and useful products you might be interested in for baby showers, birthdays, or other occasions.  Some of these items are inexpensive and others are relatively costly.  There is usually a variety of products that might be substituted for these items.

The Hutch Baby Rest is a combination super night light, sound machine, and alarm in a simple attractive design.  It provides many choices of sounds and light features and is programmable from a smart phone.  The cost is about $60.

Another sound machine is called the Baby Shusher which produces calming, rhythmic shushing sounds to soothe the baby.  The type of sound is limited with this device, but the length and volume of the sound can be controlled from the machine.  It is very portable and an app is available to allow its use away from home.  It costs in the range of $30-40.

Another product from Hutch is the Hutch Grow.  It is basically a changing table pad but it has a built-in scale. This allows the baby’s weight to be carefully monitored. It also monitors feeding schedules, diaper changes, and more.  It is monitored and recorded on a smart phone by a Bluetooth connection.  It costs about $130.

There are other products that are much less expensive, but still very useful.  One is a pacifier thermometer which is a digital thermometer attached to a pacifier.  There is a wide variety of these devices from very basic to others that have features to indicate fever and to record temperature readings. Clinical studies have shown that the temperature taken with a pacifier thermometer and rectal thermometer are comparable and reliable.  These range in the price of $4-15.

One other similar product is a pacifier medicine dispenser.  It is sometimes challenging to administer medications to infants and toddlers so many different devices have been developed to try to make this task a little easier. Some just have a chamber molded in the pacifier where the medicine can be placed.  Others have a measuring tube or syringe attached to the pacifier to administer the liquid medicine.  These can be found online and at local retail stores and drug stores.  The cost ranges from less than $3 to up to $60.

A very high-tech product for babies is the Owlet Smart Sock. This is basically a heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter oxygen sensor manufactured into a sock that is worn on the baby’s foot. It measures the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level and is monitored on a base station or by an app on a smart phone.  This product may be useful for parents who are very concerned for their infant, however, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend routine monitoring of infants.  If you feel this product would be useful, it is suggested that parents receive formal infant CPR training by the Red Cross or a hospital in order to respond effectively to an emergency.  This device costs about $300.

Another baby monitoring product is the Cocoon Cam.  This is a combination HD video camera and motion detector that allows you to see and hear the baby and monitor the baby’s respiration wirelessly.  It is connected to a smart phone by an app. The retail cost is $150.

It is important for parents to do their own research on any of these devices to make sure you find the best product for your needs.  After all, we all want the very best for these precious babies entrusted to our care.

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