Church/Cover Schools

BroadChurch Academy 120 Handley Road  Gardendale, AL 35071 BroadChurch Academy is a non-denominational church school providing off-site, non-public instruction opportunities for grades K-12 to Alabama families pursuant to Code of Alabama 16-28-1. BroadChurch Academy is a hands-off cover school. We believe that the parent is best suited to determine the path and means of their child’s education and strives to provide the simplest and most cost effective way possible to aid you in beginning or continuing your educational journey. We do not require a Statement of Faith; membership in a homeschool legal defense organization (though recommended); meetings, grade submission or curriculum approval. (205) 687-8474

Dayspring Academy    246 Tucker Lane Maplesville, AL 36750 DaySpring Academy/High School is a church school in Alabama offering a family-based educational program for grades K-12. (Alabama Code Section 16-28-1). The law is clear on what is required by parents and church schools so please read over this information. We believe in the right of parents to make all the educational choices for their children. We support and encourage parents to actively take responsibility for the education of their children in whatever manner they believe is best for their child. (334) 518-9181

Evangel Family Christian Academy  Attn: Homeschool Office   3975 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36106 EFCA serves as a ministry of Evangel Church to enable and assist Christian parents who desire to directly supervise their children’s education in order that their children be given the best preparation to fulfill their God given purpose. EFCA, a home school covering in Montgomery Alabama, provides administrative assistance to member families required by the Alabama Code, maintains student records, verifies enrollment for students as needed, award diplomas and issues student transcripts. EFCA also offers a variety of opportunities for member families including academic, athletic, and social activities. If you homeschool in Alabama please prayerfully consider joining EFCA. (334) 272.3215


Everest Academy  1035 Jenkins Road  Hayden, AL 35079 Everest Academy is a ministry of Everest Family Church. Our purpose is to assist parents in providing their child/children with the freedom, resources, and support to home educate in a safe and loving environment. Everest Academy believes that parents have the best interests of their children at heart. We wish to support you in your efforts to lead and guide your children in the direction and at the pace that you feel is best suited to the needs of your family. Everest Academy offers support along with quality resources to aid your family in your homeschooling efforts. Please visit our website and check the FAQ section. If you still have questions please email us. Our office is open by appointment only and closed on Fridays. (205) 433-9828


Ezekiel Academy 8191 Seaton Place Montgomery, AL 36116 Ezekiel Academy is established to glorify God in all things by facilitating families in the Kingdom of God who are acting in obedience to God’s call to teach their children within the framework of God’s Word and their personally held Biblical-based convictions and beliefs, primarily the affirmation of the deity of Christ. Ezekiel Academy functions as a church school as defined in the law of Alabama (Code 16-28-1:3) and serves the purposes of legal accountability as well as a system of support and encouragement for its member families. The vision of Ezekiel Academy is to see Christian parents, through their daily direction of the spiritual, educational, and vocational training of their children as declared by God in Deuteronomy 6, fulfill the exhortation in Ezekiel 36, “that all will know that God is the Lord.” Ezekiel Academy also offers a wide range of athletic venues. As the school year approaches, our football, volleyball, and track teams as well as cheerleaders are gearing up for the beginning of a new season. The excitement will continue through basketball, soccer, baseball, and softball seasons where our student athletes will compete “for His Glory!”  Our office is open Tuesday-Thursday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. (334) 315.0010


Holy Spirit Academy 8570 Vaughn Rd Montgomery, AL 36117 The mission of Holy Spirit Academy is to serve families choosing to educate their school age children at home in compliance with Alabama law. HSA provides home schooling families with a structure of support and services for academic excellence and for living the Catholic faith in the home and society. (334) 294.7305



HomeLife Academy  Jackson, TN 38308 HomeLife Academy is a non-traditional K-12 private school and ministry serving thousands of homeschool families for nearly 15 years. Colleges and universities all over the nation, from the University of Central Florida to Ivy League colleges to the Air Force Academy, have accepted our homeschool diplomas. (888) 560-0774


New Hope Academy 301 Water Street Prattville, AL 36067 The Learning Place provides a homeschool covering for those parents choosing to homeschool their children. We are a “hands-off” cover school, requiring only the basic enrollment procedures and attendance policies. Please read our forms for more information. Feel free to contact us with any questions. (334) 361.9505


Outlook Academy   Millbrook, AL 36054 Outlook Academy is an Alabama church school as defined in Alabama legal code 16-28-1. By enrolling your child/children, homeschooling parents comply with the compulsory school attendance law for children ages 6 to 17. Outlook Academy accepts members statewide. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions on our website before contacting administrators. This will help limit interruptions to their homeschooling schedule. (334) 290-0919 or (334) 625-8328


River Crest Academy 301 Dexter Avenue Montgomery, AL 36104 River Crest Academy is a church cover school for residents of Alabama, who wish to homeschool their children.  It is required to be registered with your county if your child is compulsory age (6-17). Our commitment is to the children in the home school community.  We strive to provide up to date and accurate information on home school activities, field trips, curriculum, educational activities, sports, social activities, and graduation for families with children of all ages. (334) 398.2008


Sovereign Grace Academy 301 Water Street Prattville, AL Sovereign Grace Academy (SGA) is a church cover school that seeks to provide legal covering, support, and encouragement for homeschooling families in the most efficient and convenient manner.  As a hands-off church school, we refrain from interfering in your homeschooling and require only minimal reporting. (334) 290.3304 or 652.4606 (under ministries tab)

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